The purpose of this platform is, above all, to inspire. What is invented by the creator of 'composed education' is to be transformed by dialog, interaction and cooperation. All abstract ideas are designed to build a space for inspiration, action, in which the leader as well as the participant will be able to immerse themselves, unlimited by convention, in order to experience.

The platform is supposed to have a dynamic character based on dialog, presentation and experiment. We're going to focus on the so called 'words-topics', the main inspirations upon which the actions within the composed education system will be constructed.

Within this “Internet site” the notion of composed education will be explained and developed, based on creating naturally multimedia educational scores, to be performed during a lesson, a workshop or a concert.

I assume, that the presented methods and solutions, deriving from advanced abstract and contemporary art, cannot exist without creating an ever-developing formula of this idea open for dialog.

In order to achieve this, within the web site there will be:

about the Platform of Composed Education
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