podręczniki do nauki gry na klarnecie, eksperymenty muzyki współczesnej

The general idea behind the handbooks presented in the Platform of Composed Education its their interactive character. The subject of encounter and direct confrontation is added to the basic question concerning the issue of 'Who is the user of the handbook?'. There is a difference between obtaining a paper or electronic version of a finished formula designed for analysis and a proposition of inspiration that is open for reaction and finishes with an Internet Method Festival.

Tematy podręczników:

>Etiudy na klarnet i klarnet basowy Michał Górczyński

Études for a clarinet and bass clarinet

Innovative method of instrumental training, based on human beatbox inspirations as well as treating the instrument as a sequence of events in space.

Forms for a recorder Michał Górczyński

Forms for a recorder

A series of workshops covering a variety of specific topics, as well as the composed modules describing them.

Contemporary Music: Creative Encounters Dagna Sadkowska

Contemporary Music: Creative Encounters

An internet workbook teaching contemporary music to students of all ages.

Video beatbox tutorials - basics Patryk 'TikTak' Matela

Video beatbox tutorials - basics

A series of 10 lessons, teaching simple sounds and rhythms of human beatbox. Currently in Polish only.

Little Musical Improscenes Dagna Sadkowska

Little Musical Improscenes

A series of Workshops with improvised music

In preparation:

  1. Composers beatbox – deconstruction of basic characteristics of music by chosen composers based on music memo and interpreted by a duet of beatboxing clarinet and beatboxer. The main idea behind this handbook is 'Invite a beatboxer to collaborate'.
  2. Great pretending – an intent to codify a variety of sounds existing in space and building 'stories – pieces' upon them.
  3. Inside space – dynamics and basic gesture
  4. Musical Olympics – a method of combining music and sport based on an inspiration with athletic effort.
  5. Machines – an intent of establishing a dialogue based on special notation describing sound and gesture.
  6. Nature – activities in natural environment
  7. Ethnic clarinet – creating a knowledge compendium about the sound possibilities of the clarinet based on a musical memo. This will be an intent of combining contemporary music and other musical traditions. Examples: folk clarinet: 'Poland', 'Middle Eastern' clarinet, African clarinet, Indian clarinet, Japanese clarinet, jazz clarinet, rock clarinet, childrens' clarinet.
  8. Ensembles and clarinet.
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